With over 13 million subscribers, 9Mobile is among the top players in the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. Their services are available in all the nukes and crannies of the state. It is worthy of note that it is the defunt Etisalat that changed its name to 9Mobile.

Just like other top players in the industry, 9Mobile has different cheap data plans for their users. Their data bundle is all-encompassing since they have daily, weekly, monthly, and annual data plans where their users can choose the plan that suits their needs. Once you activate any of these data plan, you can perform different tasks, like browsing websites, streaming videos, chatting on different social media platforms, etc.

Cheapest 9Mobile Data Plan

Cheapest 9Mobile Data Plan

Currently, there are many cheap data plans on the 9Mobile network. They have different bundles for both budget-conscious users and businesses that may need lots of data for their daily routine. In the subsequent sections, we’re going to x-ray different data plans on the 9Mobile network with the activation codes attached.

1. 9Mobile Daily Data Plan

The most affordable plan on 9Mobile is their daily plan. The plan is specially designed for budget-conscious subscribers who don’t spend much on data. With just ₦50, you buy a one-day data bundle on 9Mobile. The summary of their daily data bundle is below:

S/N Price Bundle  Validity Code
1. ₦50 50MB 1 day *229*3*8#
2. ₦100 100MB 1 day *229*
3. ₦200 650MB 1 day *229*
4. ₦300 1GB 1 day *229*
5. ₦150 300MB + 300 secs 1 day *229*

2. 9Mobile Weekly Data Plan

Another data plan that is available on the 9Mobile network is the weekly plan. Once activated, this data bundle lasts for 7 days. The data can be used to browse the internet, download movies, and stream videos on different platforms. There are only four bundles available on this weekly plan. It is summarized below:

S/N Price Bundle Validity Code
1. ₦1,500 7GB + social 7 days *229*2*2#
2. ₦200 250Mb 7 days *229*2*10#
3. ₦500 1GB +social 7 days *229*2*1#
4. ₦500 2GB + social 7 days *229*3*4#

3. 9MObile Monthly Data Plan

Another cheap data plan on 9Mobile is their monthly plan. This data plan is suitable for subscribers who consume moderate data on a monthly basis. There are lots of available options that users can choose from, ranging from their N500 plan to their N20,000 plan. So, the choice is yours to make. For more details, check the table below:

S/N Price Bundle Validity Code
1. ₦500 500MB 30 days *229*2*12# 
2. ₦1,000 1.5GB 30 days *229*2*7#
3. ₦1,200 2GB 30 days *229*2*25# 
4. ₦1,500 3GB 30 days *229*2*3# 
5. ₦2,000 4.5GB 30 days *229*2*8#
6. ₦3,000 11GB 30 days *229*2*5# 
7. ₦4,000 15GB 30 days *229*2*36# 
8. ₦5,000 15GB 30 days *229*2*37#
9. ₦10,000 40GB 30 days *229*4*1#
10 ₦15,000 75GB 30 days *229*2*4# 
11. ₦20,000 125GB 30 days *229*2*6#

4. 9Mobile Weekend and Night Plans 

If you prefer using the internet at night and during the weekend, then this plan is the best option to opt for. There are only three data bundles that are under this plan. They are:

S/N Price Bundle Validity Code
1. ₦200 1GB one day (11 p.m.–5 a.m.) *229*3*11# 
2. ₦1,000 3GB 30 days, evening and weekend, 7 p.m.–6:59 a.m. *229*3*12# 
3. 7GB ₦2,000 30 days, evening and weekend, 7 p.m.–6:59 a.m. *229*3*13# 

5. 9Mobile Mega Plan

This is the biggest data plan on 9Mobile. This plan is for large establishments and businesses that use it daily to run their day-to-day activities. This  data bundle can range from three months to even a year, depending on the plan that you choose. Unlike daily and weekly plans, the 9Mobile Mega plan is a bit expensive if you don’t use it to generate money for your business. However, if you use it to run your business, then you’re going to enjoy the package because it is value-added.

S/N Price Bundle Validity Code
1. ₦25,000 75GB 90 days *229*5*1#
2. ₦50,000 165GB 180 days *229*5*2# 
3. ₦30,000 225GB 60 days *229*5*6# 
4. ₦50,000 425GB 90 days *229*5*7# 
5. ₦70,000 600GB 180 days *229*5*8# 
6. ₦100,000 1TB (1,000GB) 365 days *229*5*3# 

6. 9Mobile Smartpaks Packages 

If you are an avid user of social media, then this package will be of immeasurable help to you. This plan is designed for those who love spending quality time on social media. Once activated, you can use the data to explore different social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Check out the table below for more details:

S/N Price Bundle App Allowed Validity Code
1. ₦ 200 Unlimited Any app 2 hours *229*3*5# 
2. ₦500 Unlimited Any app 3 hours *253*1# 
3. ₦1,000 Unlimited Any app 7 hours *253*2#
4. ₦2,500 Unlimited Any app 15 hours *253*6#
5. ₦6,000 Unlimited Any app 40 hours *253*7#
6. ₦11,000 Unlimited Any app 90 hours *253*8#
7. ₦50 50MB Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, WhatsApp, and WeChat 24 hours *343*6*7#
8. ₦150 200MB Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, WhatsApp, and WeChat 7 days *343*6*8#
9. ₦350 500MB Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, WhatsApp, and WeChat 30 days *343*6*9#
10. ₦50 30MB WhatsApp, WeChat 24 hours *343*5*5#
11. ₦150 300MB WhatsApp, WeChat 7 days *343*5*6# 
12.  ₦400 500MB WhatsApp, WeChat 30 days *343*5*7# 
13. ₦500 1.5GB WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook messenger *343*5*10# 
14. ₦700. 2GB WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Eskimi, Instagram, WeChat, and Kakao talk   – *343*6*12#

How to Buy Data on 9Mobile?

Buying data on 9Mobile is pretty simple and straightforward; follow the simple steps below to do so.

  • Top up your phone line with the amount you want to spend on the data.
  • On your dialpad, press *200*2# and follow the onscreen instructions to see different data plans that are available for you.
  • Go through the available data bundles and choose the one that suits your budget, and that’s all. 

9Mobile Data Plan Code

The 9Mobile data plan root code is *229#. Once you dial this code on your 9Mobile line, many options will prompt you, showing different data bundles available, ranging from their daily packages to their yearly data plan, and you will then choose the one that suits you.





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