As a fan of the internet, it is important to minimize costs while exploring the digital space. Nowadays, people spend a lot of money on subscribing to their devices, especially those whose businesses involve the use of the internet. If you’re an avid user of the digital space and you’re an Airtel subscriber, it is important to know their cheapest data plan to enable you to get value for your money.

Airtel, like other leading network providers in the country, has different affordable data plans for their subscribers. Their data bundle ranges from daily to yearly plans; hence, users have the option to choose the one that suits them. For as little as N50, you can buy an Airtel data bundle.

How to Maximize your Airtel Data Bundle

Cheapest Data Plan On Airtel

After buying a cheap data plan from Airtel, it is important to use it judiciously so that it will last for you. To maximize your data, you can do this:

  • Disable auto-download on WhatsApp and other apps that may contain media file
  • Disable auto-app update on your device
  • Set your device so that it can be sensitive to wi-fi and connect automatically when noticed.
  • Don’t download documents that can consume lots of data.

Cheapest Data Plan On Airtel in Nigeria

Airtel has different data plans for its subscribers. They have a data plan for low-budget users; they also have a data bundle for big businesses that uses lots of data. So, no matter your data needs, Airtel gets it covered. In the subsequent sections, we shall be x-raying different data bundles that you can access on Airtel, with the price and validity attached. 

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Airtel Daily and Weekly Data Plans

For budget-conscious subscribers who don’t want to spend much on data, Airtel has a mini data plan for such users. Their daily and weekly data plans are designed to enable users to subscribe on a daily or weekly basis, depending on subscribers’ choices.

The general code that you can use to subscribe to an Airtel daily or weekly data plan is *312#.  Once you dial the code, you follow the prompt to choose the data plan that is suitable for you.

The table below summarizes the daily and weekly data bundles offered by Airtel, with their durations attached.

S/N Cost Plan Duration Code
1. N50 40MB 1 day *312*50#
2. N100 100MB 1 day *312*100#
3. N200 200MB 3 days *312*200#
4. N300 1GB 1 day *312*300#
5. N300 350MB 7 days *312*304#
6. N500 750MB 14 days *312*500#
7. N500 1GB 7 days *312*502#
8. N500 2GB 2 days *312*504#
9. N1500 6GB 7 days *312*1504#

Airtel Monthly Data Plans 

Another data plan that is available on the Airtel network is the monthly data plan. This offer is idle for small businesses and individuals who don’t consume lots of data monthly. The data bundle is designed to last for 30 days. Once you purchase this data bundle, it comes with extra data that you can use to watch videos on YouTube at night, TikTok, Spotify, etc. The table below summarizes the monthly data bundle available on the Airtel network.

S/N Cost Bundle Duration Code
1. N1,000 1.5GB One month *312*1000#
2. N1,200 2GB One month *312*1200#
3. N1,500 3GB One month *312*1500#

Airtel Data++ Bundle

This is a kind of special data offer from the Airtel network. The data bundles in these plans depend on the option  you choose. The higher the amount, the bigger the data plan. Most of the plans here last for 30 days. The table below summarizes it.

S/N Cost Bundle Duration
1. N500 2.5GB 2 days
2. N3,000 11GB 30 days
3. N4,000 15GB 30 days
4. N5,000 22GB 30 days

Airtel Mega Packs 

Just as the name implies, the Airtel Mega Packs are for large businesses and individuals who use lots of data on a monthly basis. The data is massive and relatively affordable for subscribers who use lots of data. The plan lasts for 30 days. The table below summarizes it.

S/N Cost Plan Duration Code
1. N5,000 20GB 30 days *312*5000#
2. N8,000 30GB 30 days *312*8000#
3. N10,000 40GB 30 days *312*10000#
4. N15,000 75GB 30 days *312*15000#
5. N20,000 120GB 30 days *312*20000#
6.  N30,000 240GB 30 Days *312*30000#
7.  N36,000 280GB 30 Days *312*36000#
8.  N50,000 400GB 90 Days *312*50000#
9.  N60,000 500GB 120 Days *312*60000#
10.  N100,000 1TB 1 year *312*100000#

Airtel Binge Data Plans 

This is another data plan that is available on the Airtel network. This data bundle is specially designed for subscribers who use data regularly to watch TV shows, receive online classes, or download videos.

With this plan, you are going to enjoy one free hour daily to watch your favourite videos on YouTube once you subscribe to it. See the table below for more details.

S/N Price Plan Bundle Duration Code
1. N500 Super Binge 2GB 2 days *312*354#
2. N1,500 Super Binge 6GB 7 days *312*1514#
3. N300 Binge 1GB 1 day *312*354#
4. N500 Binge 2GB 2 days *312*504#
5. N1,500 Binge 6GB 7 days *312*1504#

Cheapest Data Plan on Airtel Code

The code for the Airtel data plan is *312#. Once you dial this code, you will be able to access different data bundles that are available on the network. After dialling the code, ensure that you follow the prompt to choose the data plan that best suits you.





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