As an avid user of the internet, you will agree with me that data is invaluable when it comes to internet connectivity. Hence, the demand for data increases on a daily basis due to the increasing number of people who use the internet. 

Buying data directly from network providers is a bit costly, so opting for the services of data resellers becomes imperative. Hence, if you need data for personal use or business, it is best to know the cheapest data reselling apps where you can buy your desired data bundle at a cheap rate. 

While there are numerous data reselling platforms in Nigeria, we’ve researched and brought to light the best data reselling platforms where you can buy your data at a giveaway price. Apart from selling data, most of these platforms also offer other VTU-related services such as cable subscription, recharge card printing, bill payment, etc.

Why Cheapest Data Reselling Apps in Nigeria

Cheapest Data Reselling App

As the use of smartphones and other digital devices increases in the country, there is also a corresponding demand for affordable data solutions. Data reselling apps reduce the high cost that is associated with conventional means of data top-up.

To this end, lovers of the internet need data reselling apps to enable them to access affordable data bundles. On the other hand, if you want to venture into the business of data reselling, it is very important to know these data reselling apps to enable you to pattern with them and make a fortune from them since some data reselling apps like offer cashback to their registered users.

Best Data Selling App in Nigeria 

There are many good data-selling apps in Nigeria where you can buy your desired data plan at an affordable price. They are listed below:

1. VtuBase

One of the best data-selling apps on our list is VtuBase. We recommend it because it is one of the best sites in Nigeria where you can buy data at a giveaway price. Their rate is affordable; with just N220, you can get 1GB of data. You can visit them at Their services are reliable, and the app is not difficult to use because it has an excellent user-friendly interface.

Apart from selling data, VTU Base also provides other related services, such as:

  • Cable subscription
  • Airtime top-up
  • Recharge card printing
  • Prepaid meter subscription, etc.

Why Choose VtuBase

Apart from the fact that they sell their data at a very cheap rate, you can also make money on the site. The app is customer-oriented to enable users to earn money while buying data on the platform. So, in this app, there are numerous ways through which you can earn money, ranging from their referral program to their cashback offer and lots more. The app is worth giving a try, especially if you use the internet frequently. For more information about their services, kindly visit them at

2. Swiftbills 

Swiftbills is another site that sells data. They sell their data through their app. However, before you can buy data from their app, you are required to create an account with them with your personal details. 

Once you’re done creating an account, you will fund your Swiftbills wallet before proceeding to buy your data. They claim to sell data at a 3% discount. 

In addition to selling of data, Swiftbills also offer other virtual top-up services like electricity subscription, airtime top-ups, cable subscriptions, etc.

3. is another data-reselling app where you can top up your data. Just like other data reselling apps, to buy data from this site, you will need to fund your wallet. To fund your wallets, you will need to check the rate at which they sell their data and transfer the exact amount that is equal to the data that you want to buy. Their VTU services are available on both their app and official website.

4. Clubkonnect 

ClubKonnect is another data reselling platform where you can buy data at a cheap rate. With N965, you can buy 1.5GB worth of MTN data, which is valid for one month on this site. They claim to offer discounts when you make bulk purchases from them. Their services range from cable subscriptions to airtime purchases, recharge card printing, and electricity bill payment. 

5. offers a variety of VTU-related services, like data top-up, conversion of airtime to cash, airtime purchase, bill payment, etc. To buy data from this platform, you must first fund your wallet before proceeding with the subscription. 

As a data reseller, they sell their data at a discounted rate to enable their customers to get value for their money. However, if you want to convert your extra airtime to cash, will charge you a 30% fee for all conversions on all the mobile networks in Nigeria.

6. Pawa Wallet 

On Pawa Wallet, you can get 5% cashback when you opt for their virtual top-up services, like data purchase, airtime purchases, bill payments, etc. Apart from VTU services, this platform also allows users to send and receive funds from all the financial institutions in Nigeria. So, if you use this site for your transactions, you will get 5% cashback on the transaction amount.

To get started with Pawa Wallet, you will need to get the app from the app store, create an account with your personal details, verify your account, and finally fund your wallet to start enjoying their services.

7. VTU Data Zone

Another data-reselling app on our list is VTU Data Zone. They sell their data at a cheap rate, and you can buy data of any network from them. 

For your bill payment, TV subscription, data top-up, airtime purchase, etc., VTU Data Zone offers all these services. Registered resellers on this platform can buy a 1GB MTN data plan for just N250.  

8. Vtu King

Vtu King also offers virtual top-up-related services, such as cable subscriptions, airtime purchases, bill payments, etc. On this platform, registered resellers can buy an IGB data plan for N255 only. 


On, you can buy different data bundles ranging from 500MB to 25GB. These data bundles are available to their users on a daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis. Hence, it is left for the user to choose the data plan from any network of their choice.


For your cheap data bundle, is always at your service. They sell their MTN 1GB data bundle for just N250. So, if you need a data plan of any size, is an option to consider.


There are numerous data-reselling apps where you can buy different data bundles at an affordable price. While some require you to open an account with them, you can buy your desired data plans from other sites without needing to open an account. To this end, it is left for you to choose your preferred data reselling app and fund it to get the desired data you want.





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