While MTN, as one of the leading network providers, has different data plans, not all their data bundles are cheap. Hence, as their subscriber, it makes sense to know their cheap data plan to enable you to utilize it while exploring the internet.

MTN has different data plans that subscribers can choose from. They have a wide variety of data bundles, ranging from daily to yearly. For as low as N50, you can get a data bundle from MTN. These data bundles last for a long time if you use them with care, but if you don’t utilize them properly, you may even exhaust them before the expiration date. Once these data are activated, they can be used to perform different functions like browsing the internet, downloading videos, streaming videos online, etc. 

Does MTN data last?

Cheapest MTN Data Plan

Yes, MTN data lasts very well, especially if you buy from reliable vendors like vtubase.com.  However, once you purchase a data bundle, ensure that you use it with care so that it will last for you. For your data to last longer, you can do this:

  • Block auto-download on your device
  • Download heavy file over wi-fi
  • Ensure that there is no background app that is consuming your data.
  • If you use the data on a PC, ensure that your computer is on a metered connection.

Cheapest MTN Data Plan in Nigeria

There are many cheap data plans on MTN. They have both daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly data plans. So you can choose the one that is suitable for you. The cheap data plans on MTN are enumerated in the sub-subsequent sections.

1. MTN Daily Data Plan

This daily plan is idle for MTN subscribers who have a low budget for data. So, if you don’t want to spend much on data, then opting for the daily bundle won’t be a bad idea. 

S/N Price Bundle Validity Code
1. N50 40MB 1 day *312*144#
2. N100 100MB 1 day *312*104#
3. N300 1GB 1 day *312*155#


  • For 40MB at N50, text 114 to 312 or press *312# and follow the prompt to select it.
  • For 100MB at N100, text 104 to 312 or dial *312# and follow the prompt to select it.
  • For 1GB at N300, text 155 to 312 or press *312# and follow the prompt to select it.

2. MTN Two-Day Data Plan

This is one of the cheapest data plans on MTN. Once activated, you can use the data to explore cyberspace for 48 hours. There is only one data bundle that is available on this plan.

The bundle is 2.5GB for N500

To activate this data bundle, you will need to press *312# on your dialpad, then choose the daily plan, keep following the onscreen prompts until you see 2.5GB for 2 days, and activate it.

3. MTN Weekly Data Plan

This plan is idle for MTN subscribers who use data moderately on a weekly basis. There are lots of data bundles under this plan that will suit all users. The table below summarizes it.

S/N Price Bundle Validity Code
1. N120 450MB (120MB day + 330MB night) 7 days *312*161#
2. N300 350MB + Youtube 350MB   7 days *312*102#
3. N500 750MB 7 days *312*142
4. N500 750MB + 1-hour Youtube 7 days *312*750#
5. N500 750MB + 1GB for Youtube  14 days *312*103#
6. N500 1GB + 1GB for Youtube 7 days *312*142#
7. N1000 2GB + 200MB for Youtube daily 7 days *312*105#
8. N1500 6GB 7 days *312*143#

4. MTN Data Plan Monthly 

If you use the internet frequently, then the monthly data plan will be an excellent option for you. There are numerous data sets that fall into this category. Once activated, the data bundle will last for 30 days. So, as an individual, corporate organization, or business that consumes lots of data monthly, the MTN monthly data plan will definitely meet your data needs. For more details, check the table below for available options.

S/N Price Bundle Validity Code
1. ₦1,000 1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube  30 days *312*106#
2. ₦1,200 2GB + 600MB YouTube Weekly  30 days *312*130#
3. ₦1,500 3GB + 4GB for YouTube  30 days *312*131#
4. ₦2,000 4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube  30 days *312*110#
5. ₦2,500 6GB + 4GB for YouTube  30 days  *312*147#
6. ₦3,000 10GB + 4GB for YouTube  30 days *312*148#
7. ₦3,000 15GB (500MB daily)  30 days *312*162#
8. ₦3,500 12GB + 4GB for YouTube  30 days *312*107#
9. ₦5,000 20GB + 4GB for YouTube 30 days *312*116#
10. ₦6,000 25GB 30 days *312*153#
11. ₦6,000 45GB(1.5GB daily) 30 days *312*163#
12. ₦10,00 40GB 30 days *312*117#
13. ₦15,000 75GB 30 days *312*150#
14. ₦20,000 120GB 30 days *312*149#
15.  ₦30,000 200GB 30 days *312*111#

5. MTN 2 and 3-Month Data Plan

The 2- and 3-month data plan on the MTN network is relatively cheap because of the value that comes with it. When activated, subscribers can use this data for two to three months (60–90 days). The available data bundles for this plan are enumerated in the table below:

S/N Price Bundle Validity Code
1. ₦ 8,000 30GB 60 days *312*119#
2. ₦20,000 100GB 60 days *312*118#
3. ₦30,000 160GB 60 days *312*138#
4. ₦50,000 400GB 90 days *312*133#
5. ₦75,000 600GB 90 days *312*134#
6. ₦90,000 800GB 180 days *312*115#

6. MTN Yearly Data Plan

This is the​​ highest data plan available on the MTN network. It is suitable for corporate businesses  and large organizations that use a lot of data on an annual basis. There are only three data bundles available on this plan. The table below summarizes it.

S/N Price Bundle Validity Code
1. ₦100,000 1TB 365 days *312*135#
2. ₦250,000 2.5TB 365 days *312*136#
3. ₦450,000 4.5TB 365 days *312*137#

Cheapest MTN Data Plan Code

The code for the cheapest MTN data plan is *312#. Once you dial this code on your MTN line, many options will prompt, so you can then choose the one that best suits you. You can decide to opt for a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual data plan by choosing the option that is in tandem with your data needs.




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