With over  76.7 million active subscribers, MTN is one of the leading network providers in Nigeria and has different data plans that their users can buy at an affordable rate. Their data plan is designed such that users can access the data bundles irrespective of their financial status. 

With MTN’s cheap data plan, you can stay connected and explore the internet without breaking the bank. They have different data plans, ranging from hourly data plans to yearly plans. There are numerous ways that you can buy cheap data plans, like by visiting VtuBase, checking the MTN official website, and keeping an eye on their special offers and promotions. 

Why You Need Cheap MTN Data

How to Buy Cheap Data on MTN

As a regular user of the internet, it is important to cut costs while using the internet on a daily basis. So, it is vital to opt for a cheap and affordable MTN data bundle to enable you to explore cyberspace at a minimal cost.

In Nigeria, MTN is among the leading telecommunications networks that serve millions of people; hence, their services are available in all the nukes and crannies of most states in the country. So, going for their cheap data plan won’t be a bad idea.

As an MTN user, there are numerous data plans that are available for budget-conscious users, ranging from hourly plans, daily plans, weekly plans, biweekly plans, and monthly plans. So, they have an array of data that is available to all their users, irrespective of their financial status.

Types of Data Plans Offered by MTN

In order to ensure that their esteemed customers have access to an unlimited data subscription, MTN has different kinds of data that users can choose from to meet their data needs. The cheap data plans that MTN offers include:

1. Yearly Data Plan

This is the highest data plan that is available on the MTN network. It is suitable for those who have large businesses that consume lots of data annually. To get the MTN yearly data plan, you will spend a huge amount of money, but you will get value for your money since the plan is always unlimited.

2. Bi-annual Data Plan

This is the data plan that lasts for six months. Users can subscribe to it twice a year. It is suitable for large establishments or companies that consume a lot of data.

3. Quarterly Data Plan

This is another data plan that is available on the MTN network. It is a data plan that can be subscribed to on a quarterly basis. This plan is available to users who need a data plan on a four-month basis.

4. Bi-monthly Data Plan

Another data plan that is available on the MTN network is the bi-monthly plan. It is suitable for users who subscribe to their MTN networks on a two-month basis. 

5.  Monthly Data Bundle

The monthly data plan is one of the most popular data plans offered by MTN. It is suitable for those who use lots of data on a monthly basis.

6. Weekly Data Plan

For MTN users who want to top up their data on a daily basis, this plan is suitable for them

7. Daily Data Plan

For budget-conscious users, this daily plan is most suitable for them because it doesn’t require lots of money to buy the data plan.

8. Hourly Data Plan 

For MTN users who  don’t use the internet frequently, this hourly plan is most suitable for them, and it is very cost-effective. 

How to Buy Cheap Data on MTN

To buy an affordable data plan on MTN, you can use any of the following means: They are:

1. Check VtuBase

You can buy a cheap MTN data plan on this platform. They offer an affordable and cheap data plan to their subscribers.

2. Visit MTN official website

Another way to buy cheap data on MTN is to visit their official website, where you will see their different data plans that are available to users. 

3. Inquire from other MTN users

If you have friends or family members who use MTN, ask them about the data plan they normally use to know if it will be affordable to you.

4. Take Advantage of Promotions and Special Offers

You can also buy cheap data on MTN by taking advantage of their special offers and promotions. You can keep an eye on their social media pages and SMS notifications so that you will know when their promo is ongoing.

How to Maximize your Data Usage

Buying a cheap data plan is one thing, but maximizing it should be among your priorities so that the data will last for a longer time. To maximize your MTN data plan, do this:

  • Set your device to be on metered connection
  • Use only Wi-Fi to download movies and other related contents.
  • Set your device to connect automatically to Wi-Fi whenever it notices it.
  • Block auto-download on your device. You can download your desired content manually.

Available Cheap Data Plans on MTN

The list of affordable data plans on MTN includes, but is not limited to:

  1. 10GB of MTN monthly data plan for N1,500
  2. 2GB weekly data for N500
  3. 1GB daily plan for just N200
  4. 100MB hourly data plan for N10 only.

So, you can choose the plan that suits your data needs. 


Buying cheap data on MTN is not difficult if you follow the right approach. So, you can stay connected digitally without breaking the bank. With MTN, you can buy different data plans ranging from hourly plans, daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, and yearly plans. So, you can choose from their array of data bundles to explore the internet.




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