It is always annoying when you subscribe for your mobile network and you don’t get value for your subscription because the data finishes so fast. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why that may happen, ranging from auto-updates on your device to background data consumption. Whichever, there is more to data consumption than you ever imagined.

However, in order to prevent your device from consuming your  MTN, Glo, 9 mobile  or  Airtel data excessively, there are many background settings that you have to do on your device. Some of the settings may require multi-dimensional approaches but the good news is that this article is designed to guide properly on how to go about it.

How To Stop Data From Finishing Fast On MTN, Glo, Airtel

There are numerous measures you can use to reduce data consumption on your device. The measures are outlined below:

1. Set Data Limit

One of the best ways to reduce data from finishing fast on your smartphone is by setting a data limit. You can set a monthly data limit that’s suitable for you. Setting that limit is important because it will prevent you from going beyond budget for data. Follow the steps below to set your data limit:

Android Device

  • Open your smartphone and go to the ‘’Setting’’ section.
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘’mobile network’’ or ‘’data connection’’.
  • Tap on ‘’Data usage’’.
  • Now, choose the monthly billing cycle that is suitable for you.
  • Finally click on ‘’OK’’ and toggle to activate it.

iOS Device

  • Open your iOS device and click on ‘’Settings’’.
  • Go to ‘’cellular’’ to check your data usage per month.
  • If you’re not okay with the monthly data usage, then you can reset the monthly data usage statistics.
  • Scroll down and choose ‘’Reset Statistics’’.
  • Now, you’ll be able to reset the data usage by turning off the toggle tab beside each app’s name and that’s all.

2. Stop Background Data

Due to the configuration of some smartphones, some services and apps may run in the background even when you’re not using them, hence consuming lots of data even when they’re not being used.

So, you can stop the background data usage by these services and apps to stop them from using data when they’re not being used. To restrict background data usage on your smartphone, follow these steps:

Android Device

  • Open your Android device and navigate to ‘’Settings’’.
  • Choose ‘’App Management’’ option.
  • Click on ‘’Permission Access’’ option.
  • Click on ‘’Unrestricted Data” option.
  • Now, click on the particular app that you want to stop, then tap on the switch for ‘’Background Data Off”.

iOS Device

  • Open your iOS device and navigate to ‘’Settings’’ section.
  • Click on ‘’General’’ option.
  • Click on ‘’Background App Refresh’’.
  • Now, tap on the switch tab for each App you want to stop.
  • Finally, turn off ‘’Background App Refresh’’ for all the selected Apps.

3. Turn On Data Saver Mode

Turning on data saver mode will go a long way to increase the lifespan of your data subscription because it is a feature that is designed to reduce excessive  data consumption by smartphones.

Data saving mode works by restricting high-data consuming features like ads, images or videos. When turned on, it will increase your browsing speed with less data consumption.

To turn on data saver mode on your device, follow the simple procedures below:

Android Device

  • Open your device.
  • Swipe down your android home screen to see the  mobile data icon.
  • Search for the data saver icon.
  • Click on it and that’s all. You’ve successfully turned on data saver mode.

iOS Device

  • Navigate to your iOS device settings.
  • Click on ‘’Mobile Data’’ option.
  • Finally, click on the ‘’Low Data Mode on’’ switch button to activate the data saver mode.

4. Deactivate Auto-Play Videos & Auto-download on social media

Videos generally consume lots of data hence stopping auto-playing videos will go a long way in reducing your device’s data consumption. If you’ve been keen enough, you’d have noticed that there are some websites that once you open them, a video will start playing. Not only that it is usually annoying but it also consumes lots of data. Some of the apps that are synonymous with auto-play videos include social media apps like; Whatsapp, TikTok, Facebook etc. 

To stop auto-play videos, the follow these steps below:

  • Go to your device’s setting.
  • Navigate to ‘’Data Saving section’’.
  • Search for the ‘’Auto Play Video’’ option.
  • Tap on the switch off button and you’re done. 

5. Make Use Of Web Or Lite Versions Of Apps

Some of the commonly used mobile apps have web or lite versions which are primarily designed to reduce data consumption than their full version. Some of the apps that have alternative lite version are outlined below:

  • Twitter(X) lite
  • Facebook lite.
  • Gmail Go.
  • Google Maps.
  • YouTube Go.
  • Opera Mini etc.

These web versions of apps are downloadable from the official app stores like Google Play Store, the Apple Store  or even web browsers as the case maybe. 

6. Download Videos And Other Contents Over Wi-Fi

If you download videos, movies, podcasts, books etc over Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to save tons of your mobile data. The above content consumes lots of data when downloaded with mobile data. So, if you have access to a secure Wi-Fi, you can always use it whenever you want to download large files, instead of using your cellular data. 

To set your device so that it can only download data sensitive contents over Wi-Fi network, then check the steps below:

  • Open your device and navigate to the ‘’Settings’’ section.
  • Search for ‘’’Download Settings’’ option.
  • Search for “Download only on Wi-Fi’’ option.
  • Finally, turn the tab on and you’re done.

7. Minimize Your WhatsApp Data Usage

If your WhatsApp downloads files automatically, it will lead to excessive data consumption. If you belong to Whatsapp groups that get too many messages/images,videos; if you don’t turn off auto download, all the images and videos dropped in those whatsapp groups will always be downloaded automatically whenever you turn on your data connection. 

To prevent excessive data consumption, you can set your Whatsapp to stop downloading files automatically. In this, you will be the one to choose which file to download, instead of automatically downloading every file, of which many may be irrelevant to you. 

Follow the steps below to set your whatsapp from downloading files automatically: 

  • Open your device and go to the ‘’WhatsApp’’.
  • Tap on the ‘’Whatsapp Settings’’ section.
  • Tap on ‘’Storage & Data’’ option.
  • Tap on ‘’media auto download’’ to prevent media auto download.

8. Disable Automatic Software Updates

If softwares updates automatically on your device, it will also make your data finish fast. Hence, it is best to turn off automatic software updates on your smartphone to reduce that consumption. To disable automatic software updates on your device, follow the steps below:

Android Device

  • Open your device and navigate to ‘’Google Play Store’’.
  • Tap on your ‘’Profile’’ at the upper right corner.
  • Select ‘’Settings’’.
  • Click on ‘’Auto-Update-Apps’’ option.
  • Finally, click on ‘’Don’t Auto-update Apps’’ and that’s all.

iOS Device

  • Open your device and go to the ‘’Apple Store’’.
  • Tap on ‘’Profile’’.
  • Select ‘’Settings’’
  • Tap on ‘’General’’.
  • Click on ‘’Automatic updates or Background app refresh’’ option.
  • Finally, turn off the toggle button to deactivate automatic app updates.

9. Turn Data Saver For Your Browsers

Since most browsers are data sensitive because of the quality pictures they display or the kind of ads that show. It is always advisable to turn on the data saving mode of this app so that you can save your data.

Why Is My Data Finishing So Fast On MTN?

Some of the reasons why your MTN data finishes so fast are outlined below:

Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Maybe you watch too many videos with your data.
  • Your Whatsapp may be in auto download.
  • Maybe your auto-video play is on.
  • Perhaps your data saver is turned off.
  • Probably you’ve auto-updates turned on for apps, which are data sensitive.

Why Is My Data Finished So Fast In Android?

Your data may finish so fast on Android due to any of the reasons listed below:

  • Maybe there are background apps consuming your data even when they’re not active.
  • Probably your Whatsapp auto down is turned on.
  • If auto updates of the app are enabled in our android phone.
  • Your data may also finish so fast if you’re addicted to social media.


We have seen that there are several ways we can stop our smartphones from consuming too much data. In order to ensure that you conserve your data irrespective of the mobile network you’re using, you can creatively explore most of the measures outlined in this article and be rest assured that you will get value for your data subscription.




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